I help local government and nonprofit agencies improve the effectiveness of their websites, online tools, and information.

Photo of Kristin KinnamonI have years of experience as a journalist, editor, public information officer, and communications manager in Snohomish County. I have managed projects both large (Health District redesign) and small (nonprofit website).

What’s called “user-centered design” (UX) today has been part of good communication – and good government – all along:

  • Know your audience and what matters to them (research)
  • Write so they can understand (use common language)
  • Keep paying attention to your customers (analyze and act)

Why Usability Matters

Learning about the people who use your site and making it work for them can save taxpayer dollars and make for happy citizens. User-centered design has been embraced by big business, the federal government, and many agencies in Washington state.

ADA Accessibility is an important subset of usability – and it is legally required for government, school and many business and noprofit websites. The standards have been around since 1999.

I have been doing website accessibility work since 2005.  It’s something I care deeply about.