Summer Hiatus: Biking Back Home

Kristin on bicycle loaded with gear
Update: my biking adventures have continued into the fall. I will be back to business effective Nov. 1, 2018

I gave myself the summer off, and I am like a kid counting the days until vacation begins. My summer may be a bit more rigorous than some would prefer: I’ll be bicycling home to western Washington from Minnesota – about 1,800 miles.

I’ll be taking the train east to start with, and plan to hop on again after visiting my mom’s hometown of Minot, North Dakota. I’ll get off the train in time to bike through Glacier National Park, crossing the Rockies, Cascades, and any mountains in between on my trusty Bike Friday.

The impetus for the trip is attending my Carleton College reunion in Northfield, Minn. I’ll see old friends and be surrounded by smart people of all ages for a long weekend on the beautiful campus. Lots of memories there.

I plan to make many memories on this trip, and to have time for self-reflection and introspection while biking and camping solo for about six weeks. Ideally, though, rather than turning inward, this adventure will bring me out into the world, give me a chance to meet many people different from myself, and to experience the vulnerability and spontaneity I manage to avoid in everyday life.

Thanks to my regular clients South Snohomish County Fire & Rescue and the City of Snohomish for understanding my wanderlust.

Bikes and people of all ages gather outside

My bike was among those blessed at the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowshipon June 3..