Back to Business

I am back at my home office ready to work after givng myself time off to bicycle and travel in 2018. In addition to my solo bike trip across the West,  my wife and I headed to Europe where we traveled by bike, boat and train in small German towns and world cities like Vienna, Budapest and Munich.

I’ve been calling it my “gap year” – that time some young people take between high school and college or between college and “real life.” Of course, real life is often what happens in the gaps, when you take the time to truly experience people and the wider world.

What did I learn in my gap year? In Europe, where we traveled in four different countries, the power of language to connect and divide was clear. Words and images carefully chosen to communicate Рthat is the work I do in usability and content writing. I am glad to be back at this work, seeing the world a little differently now that I have been a foreigner for awhile.

Remember that your work and words are foreign to many of your website visitors. That’s why plain language, user research and usability testing are so important.