I provide user research, content writing and strategy, and staff training services. I also offer experienced project management ,  communications planning, and the option of monthly contracts for ongoing work.

I help you:

  • Assess your website based on usability principles and ADA accessibility standards
  • Understand your visitors and measure their success with usability testing
  • Write and edit content that helps people use and understand your services
  • Review your communication efforts to make sure they are effective and strategic

Ultimately, I help you save taxpayer money and provide better customer service. Contact me for a no-cost consultation.

Website Review & Assessment

Does your site meet basic readability, usability and ADA accessibility standards? Are you formatting and using PDFs correctly? I can assess your site – or your most important pages or processes – and prioritize issues based on severity and complexity.

This is a great way to get a quick overview of top issues and best practices. I apply user-centered design practices without getting into the full cycle of research, development, and testing.

Website Content & Strategy

I can help with content strategy, editing, and writing. I can also provide training for staff who are developing content.

Content Audit: I will provide an inventory of all your website pages and add comments regarding the content, formatting and value of the 20 most visited pages. Knowing what you have is the first step in identifying and prioritizing improvements.

Content Writing: Having a website professional write web content ensures quality and consistency, and allows staff to use their time and expertise to review draft content rather than starting from scratch. I can write or revise content outright, edit content drafted by staff, or develop content outlines for staff to use. Cost: based on $50 an hour, with an 8-hour minimum. For larger projects, such as overseeing the content of an entire website, I will bid a total project cost rather than hourly.

Content Workshop: This hands-one workshop with your staff includes a content inventory (done in advance), a one-hour training on writing for the web and user-focused content, plus  additional time for staff to review and update page content in a supported environment.

Content Strategy: After reviewing your current website, user research, and site goals, I will recommend revised pages, features, and menu structure. A complete strategy effort generally includes a content audit, data analysis and kickoff meeting as well as user research such as card sorting or treejack testing. Cost: from $1,000

Project Management

Following user-centered design principles, I can help develop a shared vision for your website and see it through to launch. Whether your team of designers, developers, and content writers is in-house or external, big or small, I know how to work with both technical and non-technical staff to make your website serve both user and business needs. Cost: $2,000 to $10,000

Usability Testing

To serve the public effectively, you need to understand your individual users – the  particular citizens, business people, bill-payers, permit seekers, and others who regularly use your website.

Once you know who what they want to accomplish, you can design and write to meet their needs. Finally, you need to regularly measure and evaluate your success at meeting user and business goals.

I can help analyze system data such as Google Analytics, develop customer surveys, and conduct “usability tests” so we can watch your users in action. I can help you do usability testing on:

  • Websites
  • Forms
  • Online payment systems
  • Mapping tools
  • Letters

Staff Training

I can provide quick “lunch & learn” presentations or more in-depth workshops. I’ll start by understanding your goals and the audience for the session. Then I’ll customize my presentation to address your needs. See my Training & Workshops page for more information.

No-Cost Consultation

Sultan Fast Fixes document image

I’ll do an advance review of your website to identify “fast fixes” that demonstrate usability principles at work.

It can be hard to know what you need if you are just starting a redesign or have never tried usability testing. It’s hard for me to advise you about my services without knowing more about the  communications problem or opportunity you face.

So, we should talk. I am happy to schedule an in-person or phone meeting with you to discuss your needs. During the consultation, I can provide a “Usability Testing 101” overview of the value and process of user research, and make some suggestions on how to approach your project (with or without my involvement). I’ll also share my findings from a brief usability review of your website – I call these “fast fixes.”

After our meeting, I will provide a proposal that outlines:

  • Project Overview & Scope – describing recommended services and approach
  • Timeline & Key Tasks – it generally takes at least 4 weeks to plan and conduct usability testing, for instance
  • Cost estimate – based on the services and scope I propose