Training & Workshops

A good website requires an ongoing investment of resources – human resources. New technology and online tools will only get you so far. How you use them is what matters most.

My trainings and workshops can be customized to your agency needs. We can schedule a brief “lunch & learn” or a longer session to dig deeper and get hands-on. I also offer training packages.

Contact me to learn more about these and other training topics.

Communications Training Topics

Writing for Web

Learn how people read (or don’t) online, and how to write and format your content for readers who scan, scroll, and/or struggle with English or technical jargon. Related topics include Plain Language and Clear Communications, using tools developed by federal agencies to measure and improve written communications – whether print or online.

Creating Accessible Websites

Accessibility is a best practice for all websites. Even when your content management system, apps, or plug-ins were built to be accessible, you must implement accessibility practices with every photo you post, every video you make, and every link and headline in your content. I’ll cover the things you need to pay attention to, and the benefits for all your visitors.

Website Metrics: Measure What Matters

What is your system data telling you about your users and your website?  I’ll explain what metrics matter most in Google Analytics (or other tracking program), and review other ways you might want to measure your website’s success over time. Go beyond “visitor count” to truly track how your website is helping to meet business and visitor goals. This can be a one-on-one session, or a guided workshop with website stakeholders to develop and agree upon your website measures.

Usability 101

What makes a website easy to use? How can you help users recover from errors? What basics of human psychology and habits should website designs take into account? Start building your organization’s understanding of usability principles and begin putting them into action.

Purposeful PDFs

PDFs were once considered the universal document format. But in today’s world of search, mobile devices, and accessibility for people with disabilities, they have many downsides. PDFs are especially unfriendly when they are not tagged and saved properly from the start. Learn when to use PDFs and how to create them purposefully and properly. One of the best and most underutilized features is using headline styles in your source document (Microsoft Office) to create an automatic table of contents.

Identifying Customer Needs

Why do people visit your website? What are they trying to accomplish? This is a hands-on workshop that will engage staff to focus on the customer /user / visitor.  We’ll discuss what you already know about your customers, review agency data for more insights, and consider other ways to gather insights. The workshop concludes with a clearer understanding of your customer’s goals.

Annual Content Scrub

Accurate, updated content is key to a good website. But content can degrade quickly. Content owners are often spread across your organization, with different levels of involvement and skill in updating their pages. Schedule an annual “content scrub” to get everyone looking at their pages all at once. I can facilitate the planning and implementation of a 4-hour workshop. This training will make an immediate improvement in both your website’s content and in buy in from internal stakeholders.

Past Training Presentations

  • “Usability Schmoozability: 5 tips to make your website work for customers,” WordCamp Seattle, Oct. 29, 2016
  • “ADA Accessible Transit Websites,” State Public Transportation Conference, Sept. 20, 2016
  • “Good Website, Good Government,” free lunch & learn hosted by Snohomish Health District, Feb. 22, 2016